Two Birds Have Nestled Here


This is my first blog, so please be kind :). Now, the objective of this post is mostly to bring awareness to this wonderful fanfiction I’d read some time before. It was titled Two Birds by adorable pragmatism* and was one of those diamond in the rough stories. One day, I decided I’d search for this story from the site I’d first found it, only to find some truly dreadful news.

It was gone!

It was shocking. It was bewildering. And I had no idea why the story was gone along with the author! If anyone knows what happened to this talented writer’s work of art, please do tell.

For those of you who haven’t experienced this story, no worries! Fortunately, I happened to be lucky enough to have it on hand. From here on out, I’ll be placing the story on this blog until the author contacts me and requests for me to erase their piece from here.

So, for your viewing pleasure, here they are :D!

*name was changed to gaklsjfdhsjfklagfsd

Two Birds

If anyone would rather that I place the different chapters or separate documents of the chapters in different posts, please do comment below.